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Thursday, December 05, 2013


The 3rd anniversary of Yuvajana Vibhagam of Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kozhikode was marked with SPLASH 2013 – a one day trip to Sadhoo Merry Kingdom Water Park in Chala, Kannur district. Around 20 members were involved with this trip. The one day trip was held on Sunday, the 13th day of October2013. Yuvajana Vibhagam President Sri. Ram Kumar K B and Secretary Sri. Subramaniam T K lead the team for this visit. The team comprising of children, ladies, seniors as well as youth flagged off their journey in the morning train to Kannur. It was a pleasant fine morning that the team started their visit to the hillsides of Chala in Kannur district. Singing and enjoying the train journey was one such experience which was pretty new to all members. The surprise package of this visit turned out to be the birthday celebration of the wing’s Vice President Sri. Kiran C G, wherein the birthday cake was cut in the train. This was a first time ever celebration that he had. Here goes his words on the celebration – “ Thank Thanks – I am speechless and am not getting words to express my feelings”.
The members enjoyed their time in the Gama’s Ship which gave a glimpse to the historic Vasco D Gama visit to the Malabar region in the early decades. Mr. Gopalakrishnan M S (Crew Head), who himself is a retired nautical engineer briefed the crew on the historic Gama visit. The Sadhoo express was left with no more space as the crew occupied all seats for their stroll around the park. The team then took a virtual 3d ride at the 3d theatre and then had their foot dance to the tunes of Gagnam and Pistah Suma at the rain themed dance floor. Tora Tora, See Saws, Net slide, Roller Coasters and the Pirates Ship were few rides that the crew took in the pre lunch session. The crew then had a sumptuous lunch at the restaurant where Lays took the pride. Post lunch session saw the crew members enjoy their time in the cool water and bullet slides. Final mix was always left for the waves to mount by as the crew were all at the wave pool for the ups n downs. ‘Meesha Mama’ and ‘Shippu Mami’ were the find of the season with Sri. Gopalakrishnan M S and Smt. Pushpa Anandh attaining these Titles along the days trip.
Apart from Calicut, the crew also had participation from Kottayam district also. Sri. Sriram S Iyer (Tarang specialist) was one passenger in the crew. Here goes his experience in a few words – “Had a Wonderful experience in my first ever trip to a water theme park ….. It was an immense pleasure spending time with you guys. Thanks a Lot for this opportunity and hospitality. Leaving Calicut Half – Heartedly”. Taking pride in these words, the trip turned out be the best ever of the trips that the wing has had and the most memorable one among the lot. The words from other crew members were such – “When is the next trip ? “. Three years into service, this event adds on as yet another feather to the golden cap of Orangepada – the vibrant Youth front of Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kozhikode.


Strong participation from Kozhikode at the 43rd AGM

The 43rd Annual General meeting was held at Kottayam on the dates of 28th (Saturday) and 29th (Sunday) of September 2013. The 2 day bound function along with Saamskarika Kalamela and Tarang 2013 was well attended by a 50 member contingent from the district. The team led by District Secretary Sri. Ram Kumar K B left for Kottayam by Janshatabdi express on Saturday morning to participate in the program. For Saamskarika Kalamela, Kum. Priyakaveri V V, Kum. Manthra G and Kum. Vaishnavi Mohan represented the district with their strong participation in Manthrochaaranam, Slokam Chollal and Kolamidal with Kum. Priyakaveri V V winning the First prize in her event. The Saturday evening saw Kozhikode hit the stages of Tarang 2013 with 3 different performances. An eye catching, vibrant and lively Semi classical Fusion by the trio of Mast. Vivek, Kum. Sreelakshmi and Kum. Swathi enthralled the KBS audience and  left them spellbound that the classical dance remains to Kozhikode alone. Such was the enigma that they flowed down that this was to rate as the best performance of the evening.
To add to the icing, UNEVENZ rocked the stage with their dance Mix. The team comprised of Sri. Ramesh R, Sri. Arun Kumar A S, Sri. Gopalakrishnan N V, Sri. Bhaskar Harish, Sri. Ramkumar K B and Sri. Kiran C G. A duet song by Kum. Sneha and Sri. Ram Kumar was another melody worth listening. Last but not the least, the duet members along with Sri. Kiran C G rocked and rolled the floor with their final medley mix and once again proved that singing or dancing; call it – its with Kozhikode. A Song for Friendship was the theme applied and it was not just Kiran, Ram or  Sneha to perform but the entire contingent from Kozhikode were there on the stage to be the flavor. The performance of Kozhikode members at Tarang was commented as ‘Tarangile Thaarangal (Stars of Tarang)” and this was the breakfast talk the next day too. Sunday was to be kept aside for the business session of KBS. Smt. Brinda Hariharan, Sri. Gopalakrishnan C S and Sri. Balagovindan were elected to the positions of North Zone Secretary and State Executive Member respectively. 43rd AGM was one that Kottayam can boost of and its quite certainly was one where Kozhikode have given their part of responsibility.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

New Team elected for Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kozhikode

The Annual General Body Meeting of Kerala Brahmana Sabha, Kozhikode district was held on Sunday, 2013 September 8th at Sri Kanchi Sankaracharya Clinic Hall, Puthiyapalam road, Tali, Calicut
Ram Kumar K B (Secretary)
and a new
Dr. T S Seetharaman (President)
team was elected for the term 2013 - 2015. The meeting that started with the Sabha prayer was presided by District President Sri. T V Krishna Iyer. The annual activity report was presented by District Secretary Sri. Harikumar P K and accounts by District Treasurer Dr. T S Seetharaman. The same were passed unanimously. The elections were called for the new committee for 2013 - 2015. Senior Member Sri. Jayachandran M V was selected as the Returning Officer for the elections. Dr. T S Seetharaman from Chalappuram Upasabha elected as President for the term 2013 - 2015. Sri. Ram Kumar K B from North Upasabha was elected as Secretary. While ‘Dharma Pracharak’ Sri. Veeraraghavan K (North Upasabha) and Sri. P G Hariharan (Chalappuram Upasabha) were elected as Vice Presidents, Sri. Harikumar P K (North Upasabha) was elected as Joint Secretary. Sri. Ananthanarayanan from Mankave Upasabha was elected as Treasurer. Other committee members were also elected in the meeting. Sri. T V Krishna Iyer (Past District President), Dr. Ramanathan A (Past District President and Senior Member), Sri Gopalakrishnan C S (State Executive Member), Smt. Brinda Hariharan (State Executive Member) were also present on the occassion. While Sri. T V Krishna Iyer welcomed the gathering, newly elected Secretary Sri. Ram Kumar K B delivered the vote of thanks post which the meeting was concluded after Shanthi Manthram.

Yuvajana Vibhagam visits ANBU ILLAM

Members of Yuvajana Vibhagam. Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kozhikode district marked the 66th Independence day celebration at ANBU ILLAM, a registered old age home under Kerala Brahmana Sabha. On Thursday, 2013 August 15th , the team led by District President Sri. Ram Kumar K B spend their time with the inmates of Anbu Illam located near Azchavattom, Mankave. They distributed sweets to the inmates, sang few songs, listened to few stories and talks from the inmates. an overal time of 3hours was good enough for the inmates to feel the warmth and affection of youth members from Kozhikode. After Smarananjali, this was the 2nd venture conducted by the new committee which got elected on 2013 August 4th

Smarananjali to the musical Legend Sri. Dhakshinamoorthy Swamigal

Yuvajana Vibhagam of Kerala Brahmana Sabha Kozhikode paid their tribute to the musical legend Sri. Dhakshinamoorthy Swamigal through 'SMARANANJALI'. The program staged at Tali Brahmana Samooham on Sunday, 2013 August 11th evening was inaugarated by Smt. Sujini Venkatachalam (State Secretary Vanitha Vibhagam KBS) inaugarated the function. She spoke a few words about the legend and also sang a few lines from one of his ever memorable songs. Yuvajana Vibhagam members Kum. Ranjani Parameswaran, Kum. Sneha G, Kum. Sreelakshmi S, Kum. Sneha A, Kum. Divya S, Sri. Krishnakumar and Sri. Ram Kumar K B rendered several memorable songs of the legend on the occassion.
The small event organised was the first program initiated by the Yuvajana Vibhagam Committee which got elected for 2013 - 2015 and that after a week of the Annual General Body Meeting was well appreciated by all. The members present across the hall were taken to yesteryear memories with the songs that the youth rendered on the occassion.